School of Young Biochemist “Explorers of the Mysteries of the Living” was held

On May 27–28, the School of Young Biochemists was held, with 30 lyceum students from various lyceums in the Ivano-Frankivsk region participating. The event began with a commemoration of those who died defending Ukraine.

Then the School’s coordinator, Nadiia Stefanyshyn, along with Maria Bayliak, Head of the Department of Biochemistry and Biotechnology, and Oleksandra Abrat, Deputy Dean of the Faculty of Natural Sciences, delivered welcoming speeches.

Although we have been holding the School for more than 10 years, each time it brings something new: we change the format, topics of lectures and laboratory classes, excursions, and add various competitions.

On the first day, the lyceum students had the opportunity to listen to brief lectures by the department’s faculty. Professor Maria Bayliak, Head of the Department of Biochemistry and Biotechnology, spoke about “The Experience of Successful Work in Science”, while Associate Professor Volodymyr Shvadchak discussed “Who Biochemists Are, Who Scientists Are, and What is Taught at the Department of Biochemistry and Biotechnology at PNU”.

Maria Koshka, a master’s student in the department and a laboratory assistant at the Simedgroup clinic, shared her insights on the benefits of studying at the Department of Biochemistry and Biotechnology for future work in medical diagnostic laboratories. Associate Professor Dmytro Gospodaryov gave an engaging presentation on “Where and How to Use Kombucha (Tea Mushroom)”.

The lab activities held on both the first and second days of School. In separate groups, participants had the opportunity to complete 5 different laboratory activities.

The final stage of the second day of the School was a quiz in the form of the Kahoot game, where participants tested their knowledge of biology. Many of the questions required careful attention, as the answers could be gleaned from listening to the lecturers and leaders of the lab activities. The most erudite and quick-witted participants received memorable gifts.

It should be noted that the successful organization of the school was once again due to the coordinated efforts of the department’s staff. Sincere thanks go to Ph.D. student Nadiia Stefanyshyn for the overall organization, to Ph.D.  student Marian Ivanochko for communication with the participants, and to Maria Lilyk, head of the laboratory, along with postgraduate student Vitalii Derkachov and M.Sc. students Sviatoslav Kharuk and Andrii Shturmak, for technical support and printing of flyer.

The active preparation and conduct of laboratory classes were ensured by Associate Professor Volodymyr Shvadchak, Ph.D. students Oleh DemianchukVitaliy BalatskiyVladyslav BerezovskyMyroslava Vatashchuk, and Victoria Hurza, as well as students Anna OkhovychAnastasia Tkachyk, Ilya YatsynaKhrystyna FedivYuriy MakoidaPetro Hatz, and Iryna Yatskiv. For many years, Associate Professor Oleksandra Abrat has been responsible for the overall coordination of the event.