Vasyl Stefanyk Precarpathian National University (Ukraine) continues to work as an associate partner within the UNIVERSEH alliance of European space universities

During May 20-24, PNU students of the Faculty of Physics and Technology (Iryna Uhorchuk, Solomiia Botiuk, Yuliia Petrenko and Dariia Khoma), the Faculty of Mathematics and Informatics (Oksana Kosar, Viktoriia Babala and Hanna Yaremiia), and the Faculty of Natural Sciences (Marta Gasiuk) took part in several activities and events within the framework of Kraków Space Week 2024.  Our students worked and studied at workshops under the general direction of “Remote Sensing Solutions for Earth Observation” (topics – methods of obtaining visual information, image formation, data pre-processing and classification, deep data processing, analysis and interpretation of results, features of the use of modern aerospace observation technologies, practical aspects related to real problems in the field of automated image data collection and analysis).

On May 23-24, all members of the PNU-Universeh team and professor of the Department of Materials Science and New Technologies Volodymyra Boichuk had scientific presentations at the VIIth Space Resources Conference – Towards Artemis Generation Space Resources Conference – Towards Artemis Generation, which took place at the AGH University of Science and Technology (Krakow, Poland). Our students and teachers made presentations at the conference sessions, where the speakers were such well-known scientists in the field of space technology as Larry Martinez (University of California, USA), Masafumi Muratani (Tsukuba University, Japan), Kazuya Yoshida (Tohoku University, Japan), Nicolas Peter (International Space University, France).

The Space Resources Conferences are organized to provide an open forum for discussion on the state-of-the-art technologies applicable to current challenges of space exploration and the use of space resources to improve the living conditions of humans and protect  Earth’s natural environment.

The VIIth Space Resources Conference – Towards Artemis Generation Space Resources Conference – Towards Artemis Generation is a recognized platform for discussing the possibilities of using the most advanced technologies to overcome the current challenges facing humanity today, primarily the issues of global security and protection of the Earth’s natural environment.

The global goal of the conference is to unite the efforts of leading international scientific and academic centers to develop and synergize ideas and practices under the general slogan “Space for Earth and Humanity”.

We sincerely thank Professor Tadeusz Uhl, Chairman of the Conference Organizing Committee and Co-Coordinator of the UNIVERSEH project, and the Polish National Agency for Academic Exchange (NAWA) for their cooperation and support.